Why doesn't Ride Report allow people to negotiate their salary?

Ride Report offers competitive benefits but does not allow individual candidates or employees to negotiate their salary or equity compensation. We follow this practice as a matter of fairness. We believe employees should be compensated according to their role rather than their ability to negotiate, and that allowing negotiation gives some candidates a disadvantage based on their confidence or willingness to negotiate, their past salaries and other non-objective criteria. Disallowing individual negotiation also allows for additional transparency and predictability for the entire team.

A candidate or employee who feels that salary or equity is not competitive can request a compensation review for their role. If a salary or equity increase results, all employees in the affected role will receive it. You can learn more about this process here:

How we Conduct Compensation Reviews

Why does Ride Report publish salary and equity numbers?

Ride Report publishes salaries and equity numbers for all roles across the company. By publishing this table, we aim to be explicit to prospective employees as well as to current employees who want to know about compensation for growth.

Ride Report Compensation Numbers

What are Ride Report's benefits?

Ride Report offers every employee the following benefits:

Promotions, Professional Development, and Career Growth

We've spent a lot of time to define and share our employee growth practices. You can access them internally here.

Does Ride Report sound like a place you could see yourself? Check out our open job postings.

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