Working Hours

As a full-time employee at Ride Report, you're expected to work a 40-hour work week, and in general that time is evenly spread across a 5-day work week, Monday through Friday. Of course, schedules will vary from person-to-person, but these are the general expectations to enable a collaborative team to be able to work together effectively and equitably. If you have questions or a request to work outside of these general guidelines, you can always bring it up with your manager.

Time Off Considerations

We all need to take time away from the workweek, whether it's to personally recharge, pursue other passions, care for others, or otherwise. Regardless of the reason, you know best when you need to take time off work, and you have control over when you can take it.

Our policies around Time Off exist so you can feel empowered to do your best work while you're at work by having the freedom to live your best life outside of work. This freedom indicates a high level of respect, and responsibility between you and Ride Report, with the trust that you'll be conscientious about the impact your absence will have on your team.

To minimize disruption to teammates when you're taking time off, please be sure to:

Logging Time Off

You don't need to get permission from your manager to take time off, but we ask that you log time off through a request on Gusto for a few reasons:

Please log a time off request in Gusto for any time you'll be working less than 4 hours on a workday (M-F) between 10am and 4pm, local time. If you are going to be out for less time than this, you don't need to file it on Gusto, but it's still a good practice to share it in the #ooo channel (if you file it on Gusto our botz will post it to #ooo automagically). Please also block out any time off on your personal calendar as well so your colleagues can take that into account when scheduling meetings.

To log your time off, sign into Gusto, click on the 'Time Off' tab on the left and click on the type of time off you are recording. Whenever possible, try to file this at least two weeks in advance, or with as much notice as possible. Unexpected absences are sometimes necessary--just be sure to log your time off in Gusto as soon as you can.

Unlimited Vacation

As an employee of Ride Report, you are entitled to unlimited paid vacation days each year.

When you take a vacation, we encourage you to really be on vacation. It's totally great if you'll be reachable only for emergencies or off the grid altogether. Your communication plans for the time off should include telling your team how reachable you will be and what the preferred means of communication are (if any).

Minimum Vacation Requirement